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In an industry where music legends question the true talent of younger artists, Chino Stringss comes as a breath a fresh air to answer the question, "Is the multi-talented artist still in existence?"  Not only is Chino Stringss a talented singer, but he plays four instruments, writes songs, produces and engineers; amongst his talent as a print artist and photographer.

Chino Stringss studies music much like a surgeon studies medicine.  He lives by the standard 'there is always more to learn and excel in.'  His production covers various genres of music and has been placed on radio and movies.  As well, he engineers with the ears of a skilled listener.  

As a singer, Chino Stringss has been compared to the likes of the legendary Prince, D'Angelo, Maxwell and others.  Make no mistake, however.  Chino Stringss has worked to set himself apart of those artists so as not to remain in anyone's shadow.  His music style is a blend of soulful Rock with a worldly influence.  

As a producer, he is skilled in finding an artist's direction and producing projects that fit their brand.  His production services have been repeatedly requested by Pop, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and Neo-Soul artists.  Ask any artist that has worked with Chino Stringss and they will tell you he is a perfectionist at heart.  Not only does he make sure the music production is its best, but because he is an artist as well, he makes sure the artist is recorded at their best on the track.  He also has the talent to assist in the artist's songwriting process to ensure each track produced by him is his best work, especially since it carries his name and brand along with it.  

Having been professionally signed since the age of 18 as an artist and producer, he has more than 10 years experience in the music industry and made it a point to learn all the business of the industry he was apart of.  

They don't call him 'Stringss' for no reason.  Chino Stringss skillfully plays the acoustic, bass and electric guitar and practices regularly to keep his 'chops' in top form.  As well, Chino Stringss also plays the keyboard, drums and is currently learning the trumpet and saxophone to add to his instrumentation.

Late 2012, Chino Stringss released his first recorded works in the form of an EP titled 'CSquare' under his independent label.  He is currently in the studio working on his first album release titled, 'Heartbreaks & Cupcakes', which journal the ups and downs in relationships and shows just how hard breaking up is.  Check back often to see the progress on this album as well as who he's working with in the studio.
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